Caribbean Baby launches the “Today I Am” children’s book series by Lisa Henry—an empowerment message for Caribbean kids to imagine they can be anything.

Caribbean Baby Products, the in-house children’s publishing brand of Innovation Activators Limited, is bringing gift-givers a novelty option this Christmas with their latest board book series—the Today I Am series by Trinidadian debut author Lisa Henry, illustrated by graphic designer Rachael Mc Farlene-Francique. The first two books in the six-book series Today I Am a Captain, and Today I Am a Builder, will be released this November.

The Today I Am series empowers Caribbean kids to imagine themselves in different occupations through play, with subtle educational moments about different Caribbean countries. The first two books feature Dominica and Guyana respectively. Author Lisa Henry approached Caribbean Baby with the idea of a book series centered around imaginative play which was inspired by her own two children, who are the basis for the book’s main characters.

If I share a book that assists in fostering a single child’s love of learning and encourages them to believe there are no limits to what they can do, then that’s a safer and brighter future for them, our children and grandchildren” says Henry, who also co-manages the Little Community Library Cleaver Road and started her own book subscription company this year to curate and provide books for children aged 0 – 5 years.

Following the success of Trinidad and Tobago ABC (published December 2018), Trinidad and Tobago 123 (published December 2019) and various games and toys, the Caribbean Baby brand is expanding their offering for the 0 – 5-year age group with this new board book series but also a Caribbean Fruit Games set and a new Caroni Swamp puzzle.

After the successful launch of our Caribbean Alphabet Cards in December 2020, we were excited to go Caribbean-wide with more products. Education about our culture is at the heart of the brand, in addition to a message of empowerment, we also hope this series might teach kids and parents some fun facts about neighbouring nations along the way” says Shiva Deokiesingh, co-founder of Innovation Activators.

You can discover the Today I Am series and all Caribbean Baby Products at or in stores nationwide.

About Caribbean Baby Products

Caribbean Baby ( was created to provide educational books and toys to kids living in the Caribbean or of Caribbean heritage. From ABCs to plush toys to books for young readers, the brand’s mission is to encourage pride in local content from infancy. The benefits of this can have a long-lasting impact on children’s development, and their appreciation of their Caribbean heritage.

About Innovation Activators (IA)

Innovation Activators Limited ( is an innovation hub for projects that support Caribbean economic growth and the parent company of Caribbean Baby Products. The company’s mission is to enable Caribbean entrepreneurs or businesses to expand and implement projects, whether it be an out-of-the-box idea or a solution to a simple process. IA is currently concentrated in the fields of web development, brand management, advertising, technology solutions, database management, GNSS/GPS navigation solution.

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