Caribbean Alphabet Cards Fun Facts!

Did you know…

  • A - Ackee is Jamaica's national fruit and is grown throughout the Caribbean
  • B - Cricket is a popular sport in the Caribbean. We have our own West Indies Cricket Team.
  • C - Coconut trees grow on many Caribbean shores and give us coconut water, coconut milk and coconut bread
  • D - The Djembe Drum came to the Caribbean from West Africa!
  • E - Eggplant goes by many different names in the Caribbean such as melongene, aubergine, baigan and mad apple
  • F - There are over 12,000 species of fish in the Caribbean Sea. Can you name a type of fish?
  • G - Tobago is the goat-racing capital of the world!
  • H - Hibiscus flowers are a national symbol of Haiti and are found throughout the Caribbean
  • I - Iguanas are a large type of lizard and they eat plants, flowers and fruits
  • J - Be careful, Jack Spaniards can sting! But they also help flowers spread their pollen so more can grow.
  • K - Kites are fun to make and Easter is a popular time to fly them in the Caribbean
  • L - Leaves can have many different sizes, shapes, colours and textures! They capture energy from sunlight to help the plant grow.
  • M - Mangoes are delicious fruits. There are over 100 different kinds in the Caribbean! Do you have a favourite type of mango?
  • N - A bird's home is called a nest. Some nests are small and sit in trees, others are long and hang from branches!
  • O - The ocean is a vast body of water, the Caribbean is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.
  • P - Plantain is a larger, tougher type of banana that's yummy when boiled, fried or baked!
  • Q - Quack! Is the sound a duck makes. Female ducks quack louder than males!
  • R - Coral reefs are found all over the Caribbean Sea and are home to many types of marine life
  • S - The steelpan is the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago and is popular in Caribbean music
  • T - Sea turtles are gentle reptiles who come ashore to nest but we must be careful not to disturb them!
  • U - Uniforms are worn by children in schools but are also worn by adults sometimes too. Can you name adults who wear uniforms?
  • V - There are 19 active volcanoes in the Caribbean, the tallest one is La Grande Soufrière in Guadeloupe
  • W - Watermelons are sweet and refreshing and each watermelon is 92% water
  • X - The Xylopan is a soprano pan surrounded by eight satellite pans for talented pannists to play.
  • Y - Yams are prepared in many different ways all over the Caribbean. They can be boiled, mashed, baked, steamed, fried or creamed.
  • Z - Zinnia flowers can be many different colours and need full sunlight to grow and blossom