Ky’s Magical Adventures – Where the Garbage Goes


Author: Sian Cuffy-Young (Your Waste Champion!)

Ages: 7 – 10

37 pages

4.5 ounces

9 x 8.5 inches

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Have you ever wondered where garbage goes? Well, Ky never did, until one day when a gust of wind blew the wrapper from her favourite fruit snack out of the bin and out of her reach. Ky was worried because she was taught not to litter. As she drifted off to sleep that night, with thoughts of the wrapper on her mind, she was taken on a magical adventure to see just what happens to garbage. Join Ky on a fun adventure with her new friend Wendy.
This children’s picture book is filled with beautiful illustrations and an engaging story. It’s a conversation starter meant to encourage readers to think about what happens after trash goes in the bin. And as they follow Ky’s adventure, children will be inspired to become Eco Heroes, like Ky, so they can positively impact the environment too.


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